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12 Days of Christmas: Our 2022 Gift Guide

Pine and Oak Christmas gift guide

The Black Friday buzz has started to die down, making way for the most festive time of the year – Christmas!

As we look for gifts for our friends and family, we take plenty of time and thought into selecting the perfect gift for them. Along the way, we might find the perfect gift for ourselves!

Whether it is that piece of furniture that we’ve been searching all year for or a cushion we just can’t leave the shop without, we often find these special pieces when we are looking for other people – when we least expect it!

To mark the countdown to Christmas, we’ve put together 12 pieces from Pine & Oak’s vast range of furniture and giftware to inspire you for your own home, or for others!

12: Colourful Patchworks

Pine and Oak

Amongst our eclectic range of armchairs, we have a selection of colourful patchwork chairs, which are sure to brighten up any home!

These chairs will look great as part of a reading nook, or as a statement piece in your living room.

11: Comforting Nights

Pine and Oak

With nights drawn in and colder weather making it more enticing to stay inside, there is nothing better than to feel cosy in the comfort of your home.

Grab those blankets and wrap up on a comfy new sofa, with a hot drink steaming away on a coffee table nearby.

10: Hours of Infusion

Pine and Oak

It isn’t all about fantastic quality furniture at Pine & Oak – we also have a great range of giftware and accessories! Amongst our collection in-store we have Reed Diffusers, which are perfect presents for Christmas.

Unlike scented candles, the subtle scent from a diffuser continuously diffuses into the air, creating a pleasant balanced smell that will be enjoyed for months!

9: Light it Up

Pine and Oak Giftware

Looking to light up damp days? Give your home a present this year in the form of a lamp! Our collection is both aesthetically pleasing and practical; a lamp will really make a statement wherever you put it.

8: Get Ready for the New Year

Pine and Oak

Going back to work is never on the top of our wish list after the festive season! To ease your reluctancy, spruce up your home office space with some fresh furniture to create a warm and welcoming setting.

7: A Splash of Colour

Pine and Oak Giftware

Are your walls looking a little… plain? Add a splash of colour without getting the paint out, with a wonderful piece of art!

The beauty of art is the hook can stay in place whilst you change the images you want to see on the wall. An image like this couple embracing under a rainbow is perfect for brightening up those grey days.

6: Storage Saviours

Pine and Oak

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with winter jumpers? Increase your storage opportunities with a chest of drawers!

They come in a range of sizes, materials, and drawer quantities to fit into any sized room and space.

5: Stylish Chairs

Pine and Oak Rustic Plank Op30 W1000

There is nothing worse than sitting at the dining table on an uncomfortable chair! Whether you’re having your midweek meal, or entertaining family and friends, sitting on a comfortable chair makes all the difference.

Our collection of chairs are not only comfortable, but they’re also stylish too. From reclaimed wood and fabric to pine and steel, there’s a chair to suit every dining space.

4: Winner Takes it All

Pine and Oak Arsenal Football Club 1050mm

We all know a football fan don’t we? So, why not treat them (or yourself!) to a fantastic piece of wall art of their favourite team. These stadium prints are bound to leave a smile on any supporter’s face and look great taking pride of place in any home.

3: Nest Tables

Pine and Oak

You never realise how many tables you need until it’s Christmas! Nest tables are the perfect solution to tackle your table troubles.

Whether you have a nest of 2 or 3, each one can be used individually around your home, and then neatly lock into each other for storage. You’ll never have to have drinks and snacks on the floor again!

2. Rockin’ Robin

Pine and Oak Robin

Have you seen this friendly feathered friend hanging around the trees and hedgerows recently? Well, now you can have a beautiful robin in your own home to treasure.

We absolutely love our Edge Sculptures, especially as they’re designed and sculpted in England. Each piece is sculpted from clay, making each sculpture have that organic feel in its final form. The final additions to each piece are hand painted to perfection, capturing both the colours of the work and the movement of the design.

1: A Bowl Full of Nectarines

Pine and Oak Giftware

When it comes to entertaining, the accessories can make all the difference in having a gorgeous table layout.

Amongst our wonderful collection of accessories in-store and we have not forgotten how lovely it is to have a decorated table. Even a chic fruit bowl can give you the wow factor!

More Than Just a Furniture Store

At Pine & Oak we’re more than just a furniture store! So, whatever you’re looking for this Christmas – why not visit us in-store or online! Visit us at or find your nearest showroom here:

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