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The 70s Are Back! How To Decorate For The Trend That’s Set To Return In 2023

Pine and Oak 70s are back - 70s decor living room
Pine and Oak

The decade of the 1970s was marked by the rise of social, political, and economic awareness among people. With the ever-changing trends in fashion at the time, houses were decorated with new patterns and colours as well – this is why you’ll find so many shabby chic and retro decors throughout homes today!

70s style is making another comeback this year, with a focus on colour, texture, pattern… and a little more brown! Here’s how you can bring some 70s style into your home in 2023.

Keep The Home Feeling Comfortable

If you want to create the ideal 70s home, you must create a space that is comfortable and relaxing. Firstly, you’ll need to use the right colours. Use warm, earthy tones that create a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Avoid using too many bold colours. Instead, you can create a soothing and warm atmosphere with the use of natural patterns. To add some brightness to the room, add a splash of vivid colours here and there to make a statement.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Things Up

If you want to recreate the 70s look, don’t be afraid to change things up! Start by thinking about how you can change up the furniture and decor. Decorating a room in the 70s style doesn’t just mean using a lot of different patterns and colours – liven up your space with plants, wall decals, posters, lighting, and more.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, either. If you’re going for a retro space, you can still use modern furniture to pair with your 70s style and vintage items.

Pine and Oak
Urban Oak Wide Sideboard

Show Off Your Artwork And Collectibles

A perfect way to add character to any room while also showing off your passions is by hanging up your artwork and collectibles. Create a gallery wall or a display shelf to include pretty much anything you want.

You can also use shelves to show off your favourite books, trinkets, and other collectibles. You can change up the look of the room whenever you want by rotating your artwork and collectibles.

Have A ’70s Retreat

If you love 70s style, but don’t want to redecorate your entire home to suit your vibe, why not create a special area in your home that is all about 70s style? This can be in the form of a retro retreat, a retro room, or a retro corner!

Pine and Oak Vigo Chair
This Vigo Chair is perfect shade of yellow for a 70s style retreat corner

Use Pastel Accents

Another colour tone that’s synonymous with the 70s is pastel. If you want to re-create the retro look without some of the warm earthier tones, you should use these colours.

Add pastels in the form of artwork, furniture, and even appliances – the retro style doesn’t have to be loud and bold! Create a clean and classy look with some pastel accents.

Find Vintage Pieces

You can create a retro look by adding vintage pieces from the 70s into your home. Look for vintage furniture, decorations, appliances, and more at antique shops, thrift stores, and even online.

Vintage items come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can create a retro-themed space, or a few 70s accents dotted around your home, with a variety of vintage items.

How Can Pine & Oak Help You?

At Pine & Oak, we’re more than just a furniture store! Our wide range of furniture and accessories complement every room and style in your home, even 70s  colours and patterns!

Take a look at our Urban Oak collection for 70s-inspired furniture pieces, or visit our friendly team in-store – find your nearest showroom here.

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